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Royal Business Center is a professional working environment that puts much more importance on the flexible technologies with great respect to the earth. It is a spacious high-tech environment that ties businesses of various fields to enjoy facilities and services enabling them to focus on their SMART objectives.”

RBC IT Engineer

Our IT Engineer is ready to respond to your various technical problems providing assistance to your users of tech-products as CISCO phones, computers, networking… Such non-stop support to your employees is to solve specific problem and focus on dealing with the main assigned tasks.RBC Technologies

IT set-up free of change

Royal business centers design workstations as per the new capital style working desks, fully equipped with cutting edge of technologies, including, but not limited to: CISCO phones, high speed internet connectivity, unlimited internet access, non-stop IT support and more.

In comparison with other business centers, Royal Business Center doesn’t charge additional fees for IT set-up and other fees in relation to IT equipment rental as well as access to high-tech environment.

You are only a dial “0” away to reach IT support

To hire a qualified IT engineer with strong records of experience can be a time and money consuming process. At Royal Business Center, you are dial “0” away to reach our IT engineer to provide you the support that will fix your daily-basis IT related problem. Such non-stop service will allow you to focus mainly on your main core business activities and to ensure your productivity.

Are you much concerned with privacy, bandwidth or security?

Royal Business Center puts much more consideration on such kind of issue to ensure clients’ autonomy, privacy and security. In this regard, our IT will be available to give pieces of advice in order to cover all your IT needs. Servers can be hosted in RBC data center, dedicated ADSL leased line connection and more.

There so many IT services that we may avail to you depending on your requirement and needs. A meeting will be arranged between you and our IT engineer to discuss about your IT needs and requirement to be covered effectively and efficiently.


At 8.30pm on Saturday 31 March 2012, hundreds of millions of people across the globe will switch off the lights of homes and businesses for one hour – Earth Hour, the world’s largest public environmental action – acknowledging a commitment to go beyond the hour with actions that benefit the planet in the year ahead. Your business can provide a great contribution to this global pursuit of ongoing environmental change.

Businesses can support Earth Hour 2012 by firstly switching out the lights of premises and encouraging staff and customers to also participate. Businesses are in a great position to then take action and encourage efforts that go beyond the hour by implementing practices and offering services that enable staff and customers to make ongoing changes to reduce their impact on the planet. Show current and future staff and customers you’re supporting

Earth Hour and contributing to global environmental change!

The following information outlines the various levels of commitment to Earth Hour, be it big or small.

1) Switch off non-essential lights at 8:30pm on Saturday 31 March 2012

Turn off non-essential lights in your buildings, facilities and signage during Earth Hour 2012 from 8:30pm-9:30pm on Saturday 31 March 2012. Join other committed businesses around the world in leading global environmental change.

2) Register your business’ commitment on

Show your support for Earth Hour 2012 by signing up at and sharing your ongoing actions for the planet with the people of the world. It’s free and we’ll send you regular Earth Hour updates with inspiring actions from people across the globe.

3) Communicate Earth Hour to your neighbors

Tell neighboring businesses about your participation in Earth Hour 2012 and any positive actions for the planet you are taking that go beyond the hour.

4) Communicate Earth Hour to staff

Business support for Earth Hour is about every level of your organization becoming involved, from CEO and Board members through to administrative staff. Communicate Earth Hour to all staff using email and other newsletters, posters, intranet, SMS, website, staff associations and committees. Encourage staff, colleagues and their families to take part in Earth Hour at 8.30pm on Saturday 31 March and commit to ongoing positive actions for the environment both in the workplace and at home.


5) Communicate Earth Hour to your other offices nationally and globally

Talk to your offices in other cities both nationally and around the world, and explain what you are doing to support the movement. Encourage organization-wide participation in Earth Hour as well as a commitment to actions beyond the hour that reduce your organization’s environmental impact.

6) Communicate Earth Hour to your partners, clients, suppliers and other networks

Provide information about Earth Hour to partners, clients, suppliers and other organizations your business works with on a regular basis. Let them know what your organization is doing to reduce its ecological footprint and ask them to consider what they can do beyond the hour. Add a tagline to your company signature blocks and spread the word!

7) Communicate Earth Hour to your customers

Communicate Earth Hour to your customers; encourage them to take part in Earth Hour 2012 at 8.30pm on Saturday 31.

8) Go beyond the hour with your business practices

Earth Hour is not just for one hour. It’s about making a commitment to ongoing change that reduces your impact on the environment and celebrating your commitment to the planet with the people of the world during Earth Hour.

These are some of the ways your business can start to reduce its impact on the planet today as well as reduce costs:

  1. Turning off lights after hours in offices or installing motion-sensor lighting
  2. Installing energy saving lights bulbs and devices (e.g. timers on lighting)
  3. Turning off printers, computers, monitors, microwaves and coffee machines at the
  4. power points at the end of the day when unused for long periods
  5. Switching your business’ electricity to Gold Standard Green Power
  6. Providing and encouraging staff to use recycling facilities
  7. Involve your staff in everyday change. Elect Earth Hour Monitors for your business, whose job it is to ensure lights are out and appliances are off standby at the end of each working day.

When communicating with tenants, customers, other offices and staff, make sure they are aware that your involvement in Earth Hour symbolizes your commitment to go beyond the hour with an action that benefits the environment.

10) Share your Earth Hour story with the world

Share your stories with the world and show how responsible you are of saving the planet.

To read more about this interesting subject, consider The Earth Hour website – – which provides a platform for you to tell the world what positive actions for the planet your business is taking to contribute to global environmental change.

Royal Business Center Thanks for your support!

Abu Dhabi has a vision aiming to distinguish the Emirate to be a global hub of culture and commerce, where the markets are emerging in a high speed manner, which makes Companies from different countries target the Abu Dhabi markets to invest their efforts and resources for better return on investment.

Companies need to focus on their main core activities and target their SMART objectives. From this perspective, Royal Business Center has been established to design and develop various products and services that pave the way of companies to realize their objectives.

Royal Business Center is a professional working environment that puts much more importance on the flexible technologies with great respect to the earth. It is a spacious high-tech environment that ties businesses of various fields to enjoy facilities and services enabling them to focus on their SMART objectives.

Royal serviced offices are, particularly, designed to meet potential clients’ requirements and needs. They are all-in-one smart offices:  fully furnished equipped and serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms that are, particularly, designed in accordance with the most developed eco-friendly standards, including multiple options that correspond to various requirements and budgets, specifically, small and medium size enterprises.

What’s more, our clients will be supported by RBC admin-team to manage

1. Administrative Support

As we have trained and equipped administrative support staff to work behind the scene and maintain the daily and complex administrative operations, being time consuming process, to make your core business activities to be managed smoothly and effectively.

2. Technical Support 

Our IT Engineer is ready to respond to your various technical problems providing assistance to your users of tech-products such as CISCO phones, computers, networking… Such non-stop support to your employees is to solve specific problem and focus on dealing with the main assigned tasks. The technical support includes

3. Logistic Support

Our administrative team is ready to manage the flow of your purchased goods and services and approved suppliers whom we assist and evaluate periodically to ensure the product quality, on time delivery and cost-effectiveness.

 We have invested our efforts and resources to comply with the quality, health and safety standards which paved our way to be ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAH 18001 certified in QHSE Management System in providing business center’s services, activities and a green working environment where our valuable clients excel in their core business activities.

Join Royal Business Center and target your SMART objective

Jebbar-Abdou DOUHU

Business Center Manager

Royal Business Center

5. RBC-ART-ISS.1.12.Environment-1, 13/02/2012

Some Actions to Save the Earth

On your daily activities, your good actions help to reduce the greenhouse gases and avoid negative impact on the environment. Therefore, you pave the way to protect and color the earth as green as a green organic apple.

To view the world from a green perspective has become important to the extreme. It is about a place where you, I and we live and the way we consider this environment determines our behaviors towards it. There is a need to see the earth from green glasses to emphasis on the importance on saving the earth as a healthy environment. To save the environment, let us consider, according to HowStuffWorks, the following good actions that we do on our daily life:

1.­ Don’t waste water. The little things can make a big difference. Every time you turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth, you’re doing something good. Do you have a leaky? You might be wasting 200 gallons of water a day [Source: EPA]. Try drinking tap water instead of bottled water, so you aren’t wasting all that packaging as well. Wash your clothes in cold water when you can.

2. Leave your car at home. If you can stay off the road just two days a week, you’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,590 pounds per year. Combine your errands — hit the post office, grocery store and shoe repair place in one trip. It will save you gas and time.

3. Walk or ride your bike to work, school and anywhere you can. You can reduce greenhouse gases while burning some calories and improving your health. If you can’t walk or bike, use mass or carpool. Every car not on the road makes a difference.

4. Recycle. You can help reduce pollution just by putting that soda can in a different bin. If you’re trying to choose between two products, pick the one with the least packaging. If an office building of 7,000 workers recycled all of its office paper waste for a year, it would be the equivalent of taking almost 400 cars off the road [Source: EPA].

5. Compost. Think about how much trash you make in a year. Reducing the amount of solid waste you produce in a year means taking up less space in landfills, so your tax dollars can work somewhere else. Plus, compost makes a great natural fertilizer. Composting is easier than you think.

6. Change your light bulbs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) last 10 times longer than a standard bulb and use at least two-thirds less energy.

7. Make your home more energy efficient and save money. Clean your air filters so your system doesn’t have to work overtime. Get a programmable thermostat so you aren’t wasting energy when you aren’t home.

8. Maintain your car. Underinflated tires decrease fuel economy by up to three percent and lead to increased pollution and higher greenhouse gas emissions [Source: EPA]. Underinflation also increases tire wear, so it will save you money in the long run if you’re good about checking your tire pressure.

9. Drive smarter. Slow down — driving 60 miles per hour instead of 70 mph on the highway will save you up 4 miles per gallon. [Source: Consumer Guide Automotive]. Accelerating and braking too hard can actually reduce your fuel economy, so take it easy on the brakes and gas pedal.

10. Turn off lights when you’re not in the room and unplug appliances when you’re not using them. It only takes a second to be environmentally conscious.

These are some good deeds that make great difference and pave the way to saving our environment.

Jebbar- Abdou DOUHOU

Business Center Manager

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RBC Business Lounge

Business people become more and more interested in building communities to enhance their business growth. One of their fundamental objectives to be achieved is to build strong ties and mutual relationship among other businessmen and businesswomen, to expand their professional network. The latter has become a prerequisite to a business’s strong presence and reputation in markets. At this particular point, Royal Business Center was thinking of a particular environment where cooperates and business partners could have a smooth access to a professional as well as social space. The emphasis was on designing a business lounge as a high-tech concept, environment friendly space, esthetically designed break-out area where various companies share and interact about ideas, knowledge, economical news…

RBC Business Center

Royal Business Center

The business lounge, therefore, can be seen as a social and business networking platform and, particularly, as a facilitator. Such an environment may help create a relaxed and professional environment at the business center that encourages people to meet, share and interact. What’s more, the business lounges creates an open discussion environment where peers from different companies and, different nationalities and cultures, discuss about business economics and local as well as international issues that affect the businesses. In that, the business lounge can be considered as a place in which businessmen to build more relationships, learn more and, thus, grow their businesses.

The Royal Business Center’s business lounge provides such facilities to not only its clients but it does for mobile workers as well. In this regards, mobiles workers are welcomed to enjoy a professional working environment where they are serviced with a menu of hot drinks, different types of administrative services and meeting facilities, productivity high-tech tools including, but limited to, unlimited internet access via Wi-Fi secure connection, LCD screen, e-vision subscription to watch economic and political news, and read magazines.

With a smooth-to-access to the Royal Business Center, for which the professional address located at the heart of Abu Dhabi, potential clients, mobile workers, and business partners enjoy a modern interior which is particularly designed to conduct short meetings, enjoy drinking hot beverages, connect to the web, watch television news programs and more. What’s more, mobile workers who are much more interested in flexibility in their working style, may consider a business lounge as a professional platforms where they could conduct short meetings, welcome their visitors to manage businesses effectively and effortlessly for the business lounge avails:

  1. Flexible and professional admin staff to make your business more productive.
  2. Secretarial and administrative services to focus on your core business activities.
  3. Reception services to enhance your generous hospitality.
  4. Multimedia and visual equipment to foster your meeting related activities.
  5. Business menu of refreshment to welcome your visitors
  6. And more.

Royal Business Center’s business lounge offers a modern-inspired-interior professional space to relax in and work in an efficient and productive manner. With the support of Royal Team, trained at various skills, the Royal Business Center ensures your focus on your core business activities, by occupying with administrative, secretarial, receptionist activities and IT support. These state-of-the art facilities make the Royal business lounge to be an effective peaceful, professional and social environment for our business partners to foster their dynamic working environment for professional network expansion, knowledge sharing and, thus company’s image building.

Jebbar- Abdou DOUHOU

Business Center Manager


Mobile:             +971 (56) 7022159

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MeetingRoom-Newsletter3.2011, by Jebbar-Abdou Douhou

Royal Meeting Room

Nowadays, in modern fast-growing economical countries, companies are in need of high-tech spaces where they could organize meetings to shed more lights on highly important subjects. Meeting rooms are, therefore, required by companies of all sizes to conduct onsite meetings as well as virtual meetings, usually, meetings with other non-onsite parties. However, for some companies, it is not always possible to invest on a meeting room equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies. Booking up a meeting room is often a preferable solution in terms of lowering costs. Why should you invest on a meeting room where you will organize a meeting once or twice a month? In this article, we will shed more lights on the benefits to deal with the previous asked question. In other terms, what are the benefits of hiring a meeting room

Strategic location:

 signing a meeting service request, companies need to consider a strategic location where attendants could have access to diverse services and facilities. Royal Business Center, while being compared with other serviced offices’ providers, distinguished itself as a strategically located business center. Thanks to its professional address, cooperates could have flexible access to a hotel, restaurants, a shopping mall, supermarkets, bus station and other facilities. 

Fully equipped meeting room:

Investing on your own meeting room is not often a good idea. Why should you spend money on a facility where we you don’t have ROI? Hiring a fully equipped meeting room at Royal Business Center could pave the way to reimagine your meeting style.  Whether you require a small meeting space, training room session or first class business meeting, Royal meeting services provide the ultimate serviced environment where members could interact, collaborate and do business. Royal Business Center’s meeting room is particularly designed for conducting long-hours meetings because of the services, facilities and high-tech equipment it avails. Since we are living in an era of digital technology where communication is carried out digitally, we provide all the elements necessary for your digital presentation:

LCD Projectors

High resolution screens

Interactive Whiteboards

Videoconferencing Systems

Teleconferencing Systems

Audio and Sound Systems

High speed internet connection

Flip chart

And much more

Flexible Cost-effective and impressive meeting facilities

Royal Business Center avails the meeting room at flexible and cost-effective pricing policy. What’s more, the meeting room can be booked by hours, half day or full day, depending on the requirements of the clients. Such flexible policy allows our clients to pay for what they use. In addition to its cost-effectiveness, Royal Business Center provides a spacious and air-conditioned meeting room, equipped with the cutting-edge of technologies, supported by technical and admin Royal Team, bilingual receptionists… to run your meeting in a professional and smooth manner and, particularly, to ensure that you create the right impression for your company image.  


To sum it up, hiring a meeting room will be more advantageous than using a company’s own meeting room. When you book-up for Royal Business Center’s meeting room, you will enjoy all aforesaid benefits: a spacious meeting room, fully serviced, fully equipped with the state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, presentation related equipment, powerful audio conference system, high resolution displays, to name but a few. All these facilities and technologies can be managed byRBC Team.

With little costs, enjoy more ultimate meeting solutions.

Royal Business Center

By: Jebbar-Abdou DOUHOU





Serviced Offices at Royal Business Center

Offices from a historical viewpoint

From a historical viewpoint, an architect named James Blain, from Michigan, observed an increased demand for single office space to avail small and flexible offices occupiers who look for flexible short-term offices with minimal burden expenses. After his observation, he established his first business named AmeriCeners in Troy, Michigan that was specialized in proving clients with convenient, fully serviced and professional working environment. The reason behind that serviced facility was to let companies focus fully on their core business activities. The company has had a good business start and grown to 9 business addresses located at Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. Furthermore, with the expansion of urbanization, travel, hotels and offices’ expenses, Mark come out with the idea of the executive suite in 1989 while being on a trip to Belgium.

In relation to virtual office concept, Ralph Gregory was mainly concerned with incorporating with that innovative idea. The man wanted to be with his daughter as great father and, simultaneously, wanted to keep running his business in terms of professionalism. Therefore, he changed the style of his company to an intelligent office space in 1994. He, therefore, was known as an inventor of the concept of virtual office which was evolved from the idea of executive office.

How can a serviced office at Royal Business Center enhance your business?

      Location and business working environment have a significant role in business development and can make the difference between success and failure. With the birth of the idea of the business centers, companies are no longer worried about day-to-day property management because a business center manages that and, thus, enables companies to have flexible and serviced accommodation that correspond their business need without the hassle of property related activities management. For this reason, Royal Business Center has chosen its location from a strategic viewpoint. The idea was mainly of establishing a business center in a strategic location with prestigious address where business partners could use it as their professional addresses. Located at the heart of Abu Dhabi, the business center ensures access to various governmental, semi-governmental as well as private companies and urban facilities.

The main reason that makes companies to choose a serviced office is its total flexibility: companies can choose their office space and sign service office agreement based on their business needs either short-based-term or long one, which refers to conventional leases. This means that companies, in case of their business expansion and with the increase demand of more space, can adjust their office spaces, without incurring significant costs, administrative issues or delays. Such kind of situation is more beneficial to companies whenever they, thanks to their expansion, need more space quickly. Therefore, Royal Business Center ensures such flexibility allowing companies to remain flexible, which is a requisite in today’s fast growing economy.

Royal Business Center is a professional working environment that puts much more importance to the flexible technologies with great respect to the earth. It is a spacious high-tech environment that ties businesses of various fields that are given various facilities and services enabling them to focus on their SMART objectives. What’s more, serviced offices at Royal Business Center are, particularly, designed to meet potential clients’ requirements and needs. They are all-in-one smart offices which are equipped with following: attractive business furniture, IT phones, faxes, Internet connectivity, and much more. What’s more, companies will be assigned dedicated receptionist that will handle their calls under their company names, take messages, forward faxed and e-mails. Besides, in relation to business meeting, clients will have, depending on their request stating their requirements, access to the meeting room which is fully equipped with high-tech equipment: interactive whiteboard, projector, LCD screen, to name but a few. Business lounge is a significant place where companies will have an access to join non-formal meeting, read newspapers, and watch news…

For a fixed price, business partners are provided with various facilities to run their businesses relying on cutting-edge of technologies to work smarter, more professional and, particularly, more productive with burden costs.

To be a part of a non-forgettable business experience, join Royal Business Center and focus on targeting your SMART objectives.

Virtual Office at Royal Business Center

According to Wikipedia, virtual office can be defined as “a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism”. From a historical viewpoint, the virtual office was born because of the combination of technological innovation and the Information Age. The concept of the virtual office has roots in the industrial revolution, where people started working from their home considering home as a professional working environment. The virtual office was, therefore, seen an evolution of the smart, serviced or executive suites industry. The term was first originally used by Alf Moufarrige, the founder of Servcorp in the 1990 where he saw that the infrastructure required for serviced offices had far more capacity than was required for the floor space limitations in an office space. The virtual office services implies the use a full applications of professional communications: for instance, the virtual office avails a remote receptionist that works in an office working space remotely, based on high-tech equipment, software and applications… Such technologies are meat to replace the traditional receptionist. Virtual assistance is another means of communication services of the virtual office where assistance is provided by employees who work from home and don’t face clients to interact with them. What’s more, the virtual office is well-known by telephone answering service where an operator is dedicated to answers the incoming calls to the clients using their company names… In addition to virtual communications, the virtual office provides space services that push companies to extend their brand. Such services are professional addresses of prestigious buildings to be used as business address. In this case, clients can expand their network to new markets while working from their home-based-company. Mailing Address, as a service, permits clients to accept, send and forward mail without having private a POBOX. What’s more, being a virtual office client, one can have access, upon request, to meeting rooms, serviced offices and business lounge on hourly, daily or weekly basis depending on the clients’ needs. Virtual Office , therefore, avails solutions that are efficient and cost effective in that it gives duel advantages in whichever city you need and a reputed business address which would marginalize the gap created by established brand value and, hence, to expand your professional network.

By Jebbar Abdou Douhou / Royal Business Center