Serviced Offices at Royal Business Center

Offices from a historical viewpoint

From a historical viewpoint, an architect named James Blain, from Michigan, observed an increased demand for single office space to avail small and flexible offices occupiers who look for flexible short-term offices with minimal burden expenses. After his observation, he established his first business named AmeriCeners in Troy, Michigan that was specialized in proving clients with convenient, fully serviced and professional working environment. The reason behind that serviced facility was to let companies focus fully on their core business activities. The company has had a good business start and grown to 9 business addresses located at Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. Furthermore, with the expansion of urbanization, travel, hotels and offices’ expenses, Mark come out with the idea of the executive suite in 1989 while being on a trip to Belgium.

In relation to virtual office concept, Ralph Gregory was mainly concerned with incorporating with that innovative idea. The man wanted to be with his daughter as great father and, simultaneously, wanted to keep running his business in terms of professionalism. Therefore, he changed the style of his company to an intelligent office space in 1994. He, therefore, was known as an inventor of the concept of virtual office which was evolved from the idea of executive office.

How can a serviced office at Royal Business Center enhance your business?

      Location and business working environment have a significant role in business development and can make the difference between success and failure. With the birth of the idea of the business centers, companies are no longer worried about day-to-day property management because a business center manages that and, thus, enables companies to have flexible and serviced accommodation that correspond their business need without the hassle of property related activities management. For this reason, Royal Business Center has chosen its location from a strategic viewpoint. The idea was mainly of establishing a business center in a strategic location with prestigious address where business partners could use it as their professional addresses. Located at the heart of Abu Dhabi, the business center ensures access to various governmental, semi-governmental as well as private companies and urban facilities.

The main reason that makes companies to choose a serviced office is its total flexibility: companies can choose their office space and sign service office agreement based on their business needs either short-based-term or long one, which refers to conventional leases. This means that companies, in case of their business expansion and with the increase demand of more space, can adjust their office spaces, without incurring significant costs, administrative issues or delays. Such kind of situation is more beneficial to companies whenever they, thanks to their expansion, need more space quickly. Therefore, Royal Business Center ensures such flexibility allowing companies to remain flexible, which is a requisite in today’s fast growing economy.

Royal Business Center is a professional working environment that puts much more importance to the flexible technologies with great respect to the earth. It is a spacious high-tech environment that ties businesses of various fields that are given various facilities and services enabling them to focus on their SMART objectives. What’s more, serviced offices at Royal Business Center are, particularly, designed to meet potential clients’ requirements and needs. They are all-in-one smart offices which are equipped with following: attractive business furniture, IT phones, faxes, Internet connectivity, and much more. What’s more, companies will be assigned dedicated receptionist that will handle their calls under their company names, take messages, forward faxed and e-mails. Besides, in relation to business meeting, clients will have, depending on their request stating their requirements, access to the meeting room which is fully equipped with high-tech equipment: interactive whiteboard, projector, LCD screen, to name but a few. Business lounge is a significant place where companies will have an access to join non-formal meeting, read newspapers, and watch news…

For a fixed price, business partners are provided with various facilities to run their businesses relying on cutting-edge of technologies to work smarter, more professional and, particularly, more productive with burden costs.

To be a part of a non-forgettable business experience, join Royal Business Center and focus on targeting your SMART objectives.