MeetingRoom-Newsletter3.2011, by Jebbar-Abdou Douhou

Royal Meeting Room

Nowadays, in modern fast-growing economical countries, companies are in need of high-tech spaces where they could organize meetings to shed more lights on highly important subjects. Meeting rooms are, therefore, required by companies of all sizes to conduct onsite meetings as well as virtual meetings, usually, meetings with other non-onsite parties. However, for some companies, it is not always possible to invest on a meeting room equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies. Booking up a meeting room is often a preferable solution in terms of lowering costs. Why should you invest on a meeting room where you will organize a meeting once or twice a month? In this article, we will shed more lights on the benefits to deal with the previous asked question. In other terms, what are the benefits of hiring a meeting room

Strategic location:

 signing a meeting service request, companies need to consider a strategic location where attendants could have access to diverse services and facilities. Royal Business Center, while being compared with other serviced offices’ providers, distinguished itself as a strategically located business center. Thanks to its professional address, cooperates could have flexible access to a hotel, restaurants, a shopping mall, supermarkets, bus station and other facilities. 

Fully equipped meeting room:

Investing on your own meeting room is not often a good idea. Why should you spend money on a facility where we you don’t have ROI? Hiring a fully equipped meeting room at Royal Business Center could pave the way to reimagine your meeting style.  Whether you require a small meeting space, training room session or first class business meeting, Royal meeting services provide the ultimate serviced environment where members could interact, collaborate and do business. Royal Business Center’s meeting room is particularly designed for conducting long-hours meetings because of the services, facilities and high-tech equipment it avails. Since we are living in an era of digital technology where communication is carried out digitally, we provide all the elements necessary for your digital presentation:

LCD Projectors

High resolution screens

Interactive Whiteboards

Videoconferencing Systems

Teleconferencing Systems

Audio and Sound Systems

High speed internet connection

Flip chart

And much more

Flexible Cost-effective and impressive meeting facilities

Royal Business Center avails the meeting room at flexible and cost-effective pricing policy. What’s more, the meeting room can be booked by hours, half day or full day, depending on the requirements of the clients. Such flexible policy allows our clients to pay for what they use. In addition to its cost-effectiveness, Royal Business Center provides a spacious and air-conditioned meeting room, equipped with the cutting-edge of technologies, supported by technical and admin Royal Team, bilingual receptionists… to run your meeting in a professional and smooth manner and, particularly, to ensure that you create the right impression for your company image.  


To sum it up, hiring a meeting room will be more advantageous than using a company’s own meeting room. When you book-up for Royal Business Center’s meeting room, you will enjoy all aforesaid benefits: a spacious meeting room, fully serviced, fully equipped with the state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, presentation related equipment, powerful audio conference system, high resolution displays, to name but a few. All these facilities and technologies can be managed byRBC Team.

With little costs, enjoy more ultimate meeting solutions.

Royal Business Center

By: Jebbar-Abdou DOUHOU