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Business people become more and more interested in building communities to enhance their business growth. One of their fundamental objectives to be achieved is to build strong ties and mutual relationship among other businessmen and businesswomen, to expand their professional network. The latter has become a prerequisite to a business’s strong presence and reputation in markets. At this particular point, Royal Business Center was thinking of a particular environment where cooperates and business partners could have a smooth access to a professional as well as social space. The emphasis was on designing a business lounge as a high-tech concept, environment friendly space, esthetically designed break-out area where various companies share and interact about ideas, knowledge, economical news…

RBC Business Center

Royal Business Center

The business lounge, therefore, can be seen as a social and business networking platform and, particularly, as a facilitator. Such an environment may help create a relaxed and professional environment at the business center that encourages people to meet, share and interact. What’s more, the business lounges creates an open discussion environment where peers from different companies and, different nationalities and cultures, discuss about business economics and local as well as international issues that affect the businesses. In that, the business lounge can be considered as a place in which businessmen to build more relationships, learn more and, thus, grow their businesses.

The Royal Business Center’s business lounge provides such facilities to not only its clients but it does for mobile workers as well. In this regards, mobiles workers are welcomed to enjoy a professional working environment where they are serviced with a menu of hot drinks, different types of administrative services and meeting facilities, productivity high-tech tools including, but limited to, unlimited internet access via Wi-Fi secure connection, LCD screen, e-vision subscription to watch economic and political news, and read magazines.

With a smooth-to-access to the Royal Business Center, for which the professional address located at the heart of Abu Dhabi, potential clients, mobile workers, and business partners enjoy a modern interior which is particularly designed to conduct short meetings, enjoy drinking hot beverages, connect to the web, watch television news programs and more. What’s more, mobile workers who are much more interested in flexibility in their working style, may consider a business lounge as a professional platforms where they could conduct short meetings, welcome their visitors to manage businesses effectively and effortlessly for the business lounge avails:

  1. Flexible and professional admin staff to make your business more productive.
  2. Secretarial and administrative services to focus on your core business activities.
  3. Reception services to enhance your generous hospitality.
  4. Multimedia and visual equipment to foster your meeting related activities.
  5. Business menu of refreshment to welcome your visitors
  6. And more.

Royal Business Center’s business lounge offers a modern-inspired-interior professional space to relax in and work in an efficient and productive manner. With the support of Royal Team, trained at various skills, the Royal Business Center ensures your focus on your core business activities, by occupying with administrative, secretarial, receptionist activities and IT support. These state-of-the art facilities make the Royal business lounge to be an effective peaceful, professional and social environment for our business partners to foster their dynamic working environment for professional network expansion, knowledge sharing and, thus company’s image building.

Jebbar- Abdou DOUHOU

Business Center Manager


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