RBC IT Engineer

Your IT supporter

Royal Business Center is a professional working environment that puts much more importance on the flexible technologies with great respect to the earth. It is a spacious high-tech environment that ties businesses of various fields to enjoy facilities and services enabling them to focus on their SMART objectives.”

RBC IT Engineer

Our IT Engineer is ready to respond to your various technical problems providing assistance to your users of tech-products as CISCO phones, computers, networking… Such non-stop support to your employees is to solve specific problem and focus on dealing with the main assigned tasks.RBC Technologies

IT set-up free of change

Royal business centers design workstations as per the new capital style working desks, fully equipped with cutting edge of technologies, including, but not limited to: CISCO phones, high speed internet connectivity, unlimited internet access, non-stop IT support and more.

In comparison with other business centers, Royal Business Center doesn’t charge additional fees for IT set-up and other fees in relation to IT equipment rental as well as access to high-tech environment.

You are only a dial “0” away to reach IT support

To hire a qualified IT engineer with strong records of experience can be a time and money consuming process. At Royal Business Center, you are dial “0” away to reach our IT engineer to provide you the support that will fix your daily-basis IT related problem. Such non-stop service will allow you to focus mainly on your main core business activities and to ensure your productivity.

Are you much concerned with privacy, bandwidth or security?

Royal Business Center puts much more consideration on such kind of issue to ensure clients’ autonomy, privacy and security. In this regard, our IT will be available to give pieces of advice in order to cover all your IT needs. Servers can be hosted in RBC data center, dedicated ADSL leased line connection and more.

There so many IT services that we may avail to you depending on your requirement and needs. A meeting will be arranged between you and our IT engineer to discuss about your IT needs and requirement to be covered effectively and efficiently.