Abu Dhabi has a vision aiming to distinguish the Emirate to be a global hub of culture and commerce, where the markets are emerging in a high speed manner, which makes Companies from different countries target the Abu Dhabi markets to invest their efforts and resources for better return on investment.

Companies need to focus on their main core activities and target their SMART objectives. From this perspective, Royal Business Center has been established to design and develop various products and services that pave the way of companies to realize their objectives.

Royal Business Center is a professional working environment that puts much more importance on the flexible technologies with great respect to the earth. It is a spacious high-tech environment that ties businesses of various fields to enjoy facilities and services enabling them to focus on their SMART objectives.

Royal serviced offices are, particularly, designed to meet potential clients’ requirements and needs. They are all-in-one smart offices:  fully furnished equipped and serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms that are, particularly, designed in accordance with the most developed eco-friendly standards, including multiple options that correspond to various requirements and budgets, specifically, small and medium size enterprises.

What’s more, our clients will be supported by RBC admin-team to manage

1. Administrative Support

As we have trained and equipped administrative support staff to work behind the scene and maintain the daily and complex administrative operations, being time consuming process, to make your core business activities to be managed smoothly and effectively.

2. Technical Support 

Our IT Engineer is ready to respond to your various technical problems providing assistance to your users of tech-products such as CISCO phones, computers, networking… Such non-stop support to your employees is to solve specific problem and focus on dealing with the main assigned tasks. The technical support includes

3. Logistic Support

Our administrative team is ready to manage the flow of your purchased goods and services and approved suppliers whom we assist and evaluate periodically to ensure the product quality, on time delivery and cost-effectiveness.

 We have invested our efforts and resources to comply with the quality, health and safety standards which paved our way to be ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAH 18001 certified in QHSE Management System in providing business center’s services, activities and a green working environment where our valuable clients excel in their core business activities.

Join Royal Business Center and target your SMART objective

Jebbar-Abdou DOUHU

Business Center Manager

Royal Business Center