Virtual Office at Royal Business Center

According to Wikipedia, virtual office can be defined as “a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism”. From a historical viewpoint, the virtual office was born because of the combination of technological innovation and the Information Age. The concept of the virtual office has roots in the industrial revolution, where people started working from their home considering home as a professional working environment. The virtual office was, therefore, seen an evolution of the smart, serviced or executive suites industry. The term was first originally used by Alf Moufarrige, the founder of Servcorp in the 1990 where he saw that the infrastructure required for serviced offices had far more capacity than was required for the floor space limitations in an office space. The virtual office services implies the use a full applications of professional communications: for instance, the virtual office avails a remote receptionist that works in an office working space remotely, based on high-tech equipment, software and applications… Such technologies are meat to replace the traditional receptionist. Virtual assistance is another means of communication services of the virtual office where assistance is provided by employees who work from home and don’t face clients to interact with them. What’s more, the virtual office is well-known by telephone answering service where an operator is dedicated to answers the incoming calls to the clients using their company names… In addition to virtual communications, the virtual office provides space services that push companies to extend their brand. Such services are professional addresses of prestigious buildings to be used as business address. In this case, clients can expand their network to new markets while working from their home-based-company. Mailing Address, as a service, permits clients to accept, send and forward mail without having private a POBOX. What’s more, being a virtual office client, one can have access, upon request, to meeting rooms, serviced offices and business lounge on hourly, daily or weekly basis depending on the clients’ needs. Virtual Office , therefore, avails solutions that are efficient and cost effective in that it gives duel advantages in whichever city you need and a reputed business address which would marginalize the gap created by established brand value and, hence, to expand your professional network.

By Jebbar Abdou Douhou / Royal Business Center